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Optimum Nutrition is the Medicine of Tomorrow

~ Linus Pauling

New Client Information



It's important to share your health journey. 


To accomplish this, please download the Intake and MSQ forms below. Complete them as thoroughly as possible.


In addition, please start a food diary five days before your appointment. Include all foods, drinks, medication, vitamins, and supplements that you take daily. 

Forms can be downloaded and filled in online using the free Acrobat Reader. A link to download Reader and instructions are below.



Please allow 60 minutes for your first visit.

Remember to bring your intake form and food journal with you.


Together, we will review your current health concerns as well as your goals.

You will leave the first visit with a meal plan.

Based on your individual needs, subsequent appointments can be scheduled.



Depending on your specific needs, labs may be ordered. Labs can be ordered through Genova Diagnostics and Metametrix Clinical Laboratories or your physician. These labs provide stool, blood and urine analysis for various conditions. 


BIA testing may also be included. The ImpediMed DF50 reads lean body mass and total body water and will help to more finely adjust your meal plan. This is particularly helpful for athletes, those trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass.


As an Integrated Functional Medicine Practioner, Tina often works in tandem with your physician through phone or video consultations. This provides complete synergy to your healthcare needs.


Phone and video consultation are also available to those outside the Richmond area.


We accept Cigna Insurance. Reimbursement may be provided to you if you are under another healthcare plan, so be sure to mention at checkout that you need documentation to submit to your insurance provider.

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