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Nourish Your Body Through the Holidays or you May Create Holiday Blues

group of people around a table eating and drinking - holiday celebration

I attended a yoga class on Monday night at one of my favorite Yoga Studios, Soul Shine and I was reminded about the importance of being present. If we do not stay present, then we end up in the hustle and bustle of making poor choices.

Everywhere you look there are food temptations that if we indulge in daily, we could end up with a foggy brain, low immune system, and low energy. Being present means making a choice to have that piece of pie or making a choice to only have one drink or making a choice to go to a party and socialize and not indulge in a lot of food that may leave you with lower energy and a fuzzy brain.

Decide what you want during the holiday season. Do you want to have plenty of energy and feel good physically and if so, what would that entail as far as the food you choose to eat? We all know that if we overeat on a daily basis, we are setting ourselves up for an emotional roller coaster ride of eventually feeling so blue that we can’t find the energy to do anything. The following are tips for the upcoming holiday season:

  • Rest up or your cortisol may increase, and your metabolism will decrease. Eventually, you will metabolize fat slower and this can contribute to low energy, hunger, and a full feeling.

  • Eat before you go to a party which would include veggies and some fiber.

  • Make sure you make a commitment to exercise, walk or do something to move your body more during the holidays season to help support your energy.

  • When you are at a party balance the food choices with veggies and fruit.

  • Try and watch your alcohol consumption. Count 1-2-3 when pouring yourself a glass of wine, you are looking for a 5-ounce serving. Try drinking water or also alternating between alcohol and water.

  • Slow down your eating. Be present, pay attention to what you are eating and how is it making you feel. Is your blood sugar dropping, are you feeling sleepy after eating food that is not normally your daily routine?

  • Watch the sweets. Too much sugar will make you hungry for more and can also contribute to mood swings or depression.

  • Try not to fall into the trap of “I’ll just go on that diet January 1st and enjoy whatever I like during the holidays”.

  • Make conscious choices. Remind yourself that if you overindulge then you may feel tired and uncomfortable.

  • If you do overeat then don’t starve yourself at the next meal or the next day. Get back on track and include healthier foods at the next meal.

Choosing poor food choices on a daily basis may lead to FOOD BLUES! Remember to nourish your body by making healthy choices so you can have a clear mind, good energy and increase your immune system.

Until next time…eat healthily and move.


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